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Enza’s puppy’s are born!

Date of birth: November 5th 2015

6 weken ze zoeken graag

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 The kennel Von Meerblick

Combining excellent work- and certificate worthy canine property’s, remains a challenge every time. Health and social stable behaviour also remain vital. On average one litter a year is the starting point. Without the support and dedication of my wife Corrie, it is impossible to breed litters and to top drilling companies. My two daughters Danny and Brenda were and are always on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly. The puppies are sold to the new owners under VDH conditions. All vaccinations, pedigree, pedigree log, etc are included. And of course the necessary advice regarding nutrition and education. If needed, we also give advice on the training. Appropriate training from puppy off to raised, will avoid many problems in the future. Kennel Von Meerblick provides excellent and wide inculcate guidance.